PORTLAND — The owner of a major private pay-and-display parking company was arrested Saturday night for possession of scheduled drugs – most likely cocaine, according to police.

Daniel McNutt, 38, a Falmouth resident and owner of Unified Parking Partners, was arrested May 15 around 11:30 p.m. at 385 Congress St., the location of a Unified lot.

Police Lt. James Sweatt said officers suspect the drug McNutt had on him was cocaine, a Class D crime.

McNutt was released from the Cumberland County Jail on bail Sunday. He will appear in court in early July. If convicted, McNutt could face a year in jail and a possible fine.

Unified Parking Partners, which manages about 40 lots and garages with thousands of spaces across the city, became known for its practice of “booting” cars that run out of time or have not paid.

Unified’s lots typically charge between $2 and $5 an hour, depending on the location. The cost to remove a boot ranges between $40 and $70, compared to the $50 charged by the city, plus outstanding ticket fees.

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