Seth M Baker
Seth M Baker
Green Independent


Office Sought: Senator – District 27
Age: 28
Occupation: Web developer
Education: Studied Computer Science and Philosophy
Family: lives with partner
Hometown: Smithfield

Political experience

None / first run for public office.

Why are you running for office?

I’m running for office because I want the 21st century to fulfill its potential with a society that works everybody. We live in an era of immense wealth and technology and its time they got configured for the well being of humanity and not capital accumulation. The world is changing rapidly one way or the other, we need to make American politics about big ideas that solve problems again. Technological progress is changing the job market at a rapid rate and we should be embracing it for a new economy that allows us to work less. If we don’t fight for workers right and a socialism for the 21st century, things will get much more dire for much of the population. If elected I’ll fight for everyday people and our interests and push back against 30 years of failed trickle down economic policies. American political culture is at an all time low and is fueled by toxic back and forth between the two major parties. I’ll work outside the major parties to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to Augusta.

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