Marijuana legalization is good for Maine, but Question 1 is not good for Mainers.

Most medical marijuana users have chosen large dispensaries for medication and the majority are owned by one out-of-state corporation.

A growing minority have turned to their local farmers, known as caregivers, and found them to be a superior option.

Question 1 will put Maine farmers out of business.

This not only means homebound patients won’t be able to get the bedside service they are used to, but they will also be paying twice the price.

The proposition allows farmers to open dispensaries; however, the costs will make it impossible for the majority of farmers to make the transition.

Not only will this put many Mainers who have dedicated the last several years and many resources to help their less fortunate neighbors out of work, but it will put it in the hands of out-of-state corporations that just happen to be the source of this proposition.

Craig Rogers