We all know that Maine has a drug epidemic that is growing and uncontrolled.

Why does the state want to legalize marijuana as a recreational drug?

A “yes” vote on Question 1 will only lead to more drug issues.

I can’t believe Mark Dion, with all his experience, is advertising for “yes” on Question 1.

Our high school children have no problem getting alcohol.

What does Mr. Dion think will happen when we can grow marijuana legally for recreational purposes?

Please Google (Colorado) issues with marijuana for a reality check on what the dangers are with marijuana.

Even if Maine approves the legalization of recreational marijuana, the federal goverment and good-paying companies require a drug test.

Marijuana in your system is an automatic failure.

Marijuana can stay in your body’s system for up to six months and it impedes your logical thinking.

Why would any logical-thinking parent or grandparent vote “yes” on Question 1?

Please vote “no” on Question 1 for the drug-free futures of our children and our great state of Maine.

Bob Martel