A broken sprinkler head in the Cape Elizabeth High School gymnasium early this week has prompted the town to move its polling place across the hall to the cafeteria.

A kick ball struck the protective cage around a sprinkler head at just the right angle and speed, according to school officials, that it dislodged the cage and broke the sprinkler head. An estimated 800 to 1,000 gallons of water spilled on the gym floor. It was quickly cleaned up but caused enough warping and cupping of the wood that the floor must be replaced.

Insurance will cover the costs, but the gym is expected to be closed until Monday, Dec. 5.

The cafeteria where voting will be held on Tuesday is accessible through the same entrance at the rear of school so voters will arrive and park as they always have.

The school and athletics program also are working around the closure.

On the bright side, according to school officials, the disruption is allowing the school department to speed up the installation of a new heating and ventilation system in the gym that had been scheduled for this summer.

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