Many, many thanks to the Portland Press Herald and, particularly, to Colin Woodard for reporting on the involvement of the American Legislative Exchange Council in subverting our state government to serve their corrupt crony capitalistic desires.

Ever since Mother Jones did an extensive investigation on ALEC nationally, I’ve wondered how many dupes (or worse) ALEC has found in our state who would be willing to serve as a pass-through for their “model legislation.”

Our governor and Hiram state Rep. Nate Wadsworth (sponsor of a bill to restrict municipal broadband development) are apparently two such people, as described in Mr. Woodard’s articles on broadband (May 2 and May 3) and pesticide (May 9) legislation. The question is: What are they getting for their service, and how do the folks they are supposed to be representing feel about it?

The Legislature will soon be voting on a solar bill that will have a major impact on our state. ALEC has been a major sponsor of anti-solar legislation in other states. Virtually all the opponents of last year’s solar bill were Republicans, including Heather Sirocki and Karen Vachon, two of the three legislators representing Scarborough in the Maine House.

Before this year’s vote, it would be most helpful to know how many legislators are ALEC members, so the people can gauge whose interests they are serving. Keep up the good work. This is why we need newspapers!

Ann Morrill

South Portland

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