In my wildest imagination I never thought I would be part of the women’s movement, especially at the age of 77. I resurrected myself at 65, escaped domestic violence and began to stand up for what I believe and not worry what others may think of me.

I had entered the women’s movement without even realizing it. I was born into a generation and a religion that put women “in their place.” I became submissive and obedient and almost died in the process, literally and figuratively.

Alan Caron’s May 7 column, “Refueling the women’s movement” (Page D1), was an excellent history and explanation of how women’s equality is still a work in progress.

On Thursday evening, at the Family Crisis Services Gala at the Westin Portland Harborview Hotel, I will “march” for all women and men living in abusive relationships.

I am the keynote speaker for the gala and a survivor of domestic violence. It is time to wake up the “sleeping giant” called domestic violence.

Mary Louise Liucci-Smith