Who killed Logan Marr? Former Department of Health and Human Services Supervisory Caseworker Sally Schofield, just released after long imprisonment certainly played an indispensable role but the perpetrator was the state of Maine and its DHHS, which should be found guilty of negligent homicide.

There was too little evidence of abuse or neglect to justify the DHHS’s intervention that took Logan from her mother back in 2001.

The mother received little to no real help as a reasonable person would define it. The mother became frustrated and rebelled at the DHHS’s yoke; and for this, the State of Maine decided they would take (lawfully steal) her children permanently.

Enter Sally Schofield, a supervisory DHHS caseworker, who had several boys and wanted two girls. She decided to have Logan and her sister.

There was only one insurmountable problem, Logan Marr suffered from “severe attachment disorder,” in other words, she loved and needed her mother. Because that was denied her, she threw horrible tantrums simply because the one thing she really required was denied her by Maine.

Schofield restrained the 5-year-old with duct tape, suffocating her. Schofield was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The “dirty secret” in the child protection business is that removal away from family usually generates far more harm and trauma to the children involved than leaving them alone prevents. Even when real neglect or abuse is occurring, foster care frequently proves itself to be the highly toxic chemotherapy of child protection.

After the television show “20/20” exposed the mistakes made by Maine with Logan, it still took her mother, Christine Darling, 14 months to regain custody of her surviving daughter from the idiots that murdered her first child. Was that because the DHHS “saved face” at the additional expense of those it failed so miserably? When those responsible meet Jesus Christ in heaven, before staying or going elsewhere, He is going to declare, “Logan Marr simply needed her mother.”

Donald Campbell

Methuen, Massachusetts