I read the article in the May 14 Maine Sunday Telegram about the impact the American Health Care Act would have on MaineCare.

This bill is so disturbing in so many ways. I work in the public schools; our state must protect the rights to both learn and to be healthy of thousands of children and their families who are covered by MaineCare.

This coverage, often their vital and last-resort access to health care, may slip away because of inaction (to be most charitable) on the part of our elected representatives. So many of our kids in Maine depend on MaineCare for their health care services; moreover, those whose families do have private insurance will end up with much higher costs, and providers who treat these children will be caught in a miserable bind.

Health care is expensive. There’s no doubt about it. But turning our back on Maine families who need essential acute care or important preventative care is just plain wrong. The bill that was approved in the U.S. House of Representatives on May 4 is completely unacceptable.

I, along with so many of us, am appalled as I watch the congressional debate unfold, and am keeping a gimlet eye particularly on Susan Collins – it is imperative that she raise the voice of reason in Senate debate.

If Sen. Collins has the compassionate understanding that she claims to have, of the impacts that the current version of the American Health Care Act would have on Mainers, then she must do the right thing and fight this bill. It is well past time that she seize the opportunity to show some real leadership. We are watching Sen. Collins. She should do what is right.

Patricia Sprague

South Portland