Nice try, Joel Allumbaugh. If he thinks the most cowardly congressman in Maine’s history deserves a pat on the back for supporting Trumpcare (“Commentary: Thank U.S. Rep Bruce Poliquin for his vote on health care reform,” Page A5, May 9), he may need to see a doctor for a hidden head injury.

Poliquin has already told several whoppers about his party’s giant money grab posing as a health care overhaul. Even the Portland Press Herald had to clarify in a May 5 front-page headline that “facts disagree” with Poliquin’s assertion that the bill would “only” affect 7 percent of Mainers.

Sounds like Mr. Moneybags will say anything to get his giant Trumpcare tax cut from the $880 billion that’ll be slashed from Medicaid. Priorities, people. He has them.

But don’t take my word for it when I say that Trumpcare – supported by a piddly 21 percent of the public – is a dumpster fire that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Just look to the United States Senate, which promptly took the House’s bill, threw it in the garbage and declared they were “starting from scratch.”

Did you know that, Mr. Allumbaugh?

Trumpcare is immorality and fiscal irresponsibility writ large. There’s nothing wrong with the 2010 Affordable Care Act that can’t be made better with some modest changes and a cease-fire on the part of Republicans who are trying to kill it any way they can.

After I’d been priced out of the insurance market for five years, the ACA came along and saved my bacon. In March, I was diagnosed with cancer. My coverage through Maine Community Health Options via the ACA has been excellent.

So I say this as loud as I can so Mr. Allumbaugh can hear it echo through the hills: “Thanks, Obama!”

Bill Harnsberger