Attention: All towns and cities in the United States considering taking a moral and ethical stand on the right side of immigration reform, follow the lead of the town of Mount Desert, Maine, which, on May 2, voted 101-59 in favor of re-embracing America’s longstanding history of immigration by showing what altruism and solidarity looks like in declaring itself the state’s first “sanctuary community.”

Drawing the eyes of the world back to “Maine, the way life should be” is a breath of fresh air for the nation. Thank you, Mount Desert, for representing us in a way in which we can continue to be proud Mainers who stand for humanity in all of its glory.

If the real reason some people are against immigration is anything beyond bigotry, they might be surprised, when reviewing the facts, at how wrong they are about what they believe to be true when it comes to the security of the current vetting process and the value that immigration adds to our economy and gross domestic product. I encourage these people to go out and meet one of the hardworking human beings who are immigrants and who help make up the better part of this country.

Mount Desert shows us how to legislate morality by building it into our cities’ and towns’ bylaws and governments. They also show us the proper way to share a common bond, as human beings, and how to give and get respect while valuing human struggle and perseverance.

This is what makes America great. Mount Desert made a permanent record of taking a stand against hatred and persecution in their own sanctuary, the one in which those citizens reside and decide the laws that bind them. We salute you, thank you, and look forward to the others who will follow suit.

Carol Oehlschlager

North Waterboro