In 2007, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!,” a sketch comedy show by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, debuted on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block. The show was validation for years of hard work by the comic duo and kicked off five seasons of their polarizing comedic style, which features cheap-looking video technology warped and altered into a sprint of dry delivery, gross-out jokes, random animation, intentional technical glitches, quick zooms into characters’ eyes and mouths, musical interludes, bodily fluids spraying every which way and a lot more.

It’s a brilliantly conceived and executed show. It is also, to say the least, an acquired taste.

It is also entertainment that seems so specifically of its medium — bite-sized bursts of outrageous comedy on a curated TV block of cartoons, comedy and music — that it seems like a strange thing to adapt to the stage. This is particularly true if, like many members of the State Theatre audience on Tuesday, one has yet to see Heidecker and Wareheim perform on one of their tours.

This inaugural performance of their 10th-anniversary tour was formatted sort of like an episode of Saturday Night Live. They opened with a staged introduction similar to a monologue, ping-ponging their peculiar comedic language back and forth, before settling into an evening of sketches featuring beloved characters, music and video segments.

Removed from the rapid-fire format and quirky technical touches of their show, the comic timing found new beats; the show does not allow for pregnant pauses of any length, and the State Theatre is a big room for deadpan delivery to fill. They overcame this with their outsized stage personas, liberal crowd interaction (including pulling three extremely game people on stage), multimedia presentation, a willingness to strip down to nothing but flesh-colored codpieces and the use of several characters based in musical performance.

The most visually engaging of their characters were Zwei Dunkel Jungen, a German Goth duo. In these and other characters, Tim and Eric performed songs from throughout the run of the show and their “Awesome Record, Great Songs” album. As Zwei Dunkel Jungen, they ran through a short set that included “I Want to Be Touched” and “Minivan Highway,” a Kraftwerk-like song that they performed with hands on each other’s hips, motoring back and forth in a conga-line style.

None of the illustrious guests stars on “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” showed up — audience members were both openly and secretly hoping for an appearance by John C. Reilly’s aloof Dr. Steve Brule — but these guest actors did appear in new videos, which unfurled like a greatest hits set, each character seemingly receiving bigger cheers than the last.

It’s hard to say what those new to Tim and Eric’s comedy might have thought about the performance, as their TV show allows viewers to ease their way into the comedy’s fast-paced rhythm before they start to “get” it. Initiating newcomers at the State Theatre was not an issue, as most people in attendance seemed to be very big fans. This is ultimately what made it such a fantastic evening. “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” is a cult show, best watched late at night with a couple of friends. To see it performed alongside a thousand or so like-minded fans is to see an inside joke evolve into a shared celebration before your eyes.