At-large City Council candidate Bree LaCasse’s claim that she led the effort that saved Congress Square Park is false. She did not lead and did not even participate until its second year.

It was Frank Turek who led the grass-roots effort by volunteers who worked hundreds of hours to save the park through petitions, public meetings and more. LaCasse did none of this.

She joined after her father, David LaCasse, became head of Friends of Congress Square Park. Her forte was raising funds. She was eventually hired, and paid, by Friends of Congress Square Park as its executive director after the successful referendum that prevented the park’s sale to Rockbridge Capital. To say Bree La-Casse led the effort to save the park is untrue, and voters should know this.

People should re-read the Oct. 24-30, 2014, Portland Phoenix article “How to Save a Park” for the accurate chronology of events and the real leaders involved.

Joan Grant


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