Clutching my metaphorical pearls with (old-fashioned?) bemusement, I learned that Maine Millennial columnist Victoria Hugo-Vidal is not only bisexual, she also enjoys both a current girlfriend and a current boyfriend (“Dating in the Tinder age: Both romantic and convenient,” Oct. 21).

Old as I might seem to young Victoria, I do keep up with social trends, even if I prefer not to engage overly much. I came of age when girls kept locked diaries, whose very existence they would have denied to the death. Privacy was as much our thing as overexposing personal details to total strangers is the thing now, with all the inherent unintended consequences.

I read Ms. Hugo-Vidal’s commentary with the expectation of enjoying an engaging point of view, from a member of the younger generation, but I’m afraid the only things I learned are that she is comfortable with having two relationships at the same time, and she doesn’t mind employing a little snarky ageism to make a point of how hip she is.

Zoe Goody

Cape Elizabeth