I found a perfectly legitimate parking spot on Smith Street in Portland to go to an important one-hour meeting.

I got back to find that someone had stolen $30 of hard-earned money from me. I just painted a garage and moved someone – tough jobs – and I could not afford the theft.

The pickpocket was the city of Portland. A very hard place to park and not have someone swoop down and give you a ticket. I know I was one of hundreds and hundreds of people who got their money taken from them today.

My parking spot was clear entrapment. Going back several spaces, I found a sign that said “no parking from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.” When I went to give up my money, I asked the woman what that could possibly be for. She said for street cleaning. The people on the street, she claimed, did not want night cleaning. I guarantee there was no street cleaning on that street today. It’s a ripoff – big time.

Portland has had parking problems for decades. The problem is that they swindle millions from people every single year. It’s a disgrace and makes Portland look like the thief it is.

Zoo Cain