I am writing to express my support for the Fair Rent referendum on the Portland ballot for the Nov. 7 election.

I am a local artist, expanding my photography business. Other people I have met have had landlords who have absurdly raised their rents to intimidate them into moving out. I myself have experienced the same bullying.

Rent stabilization, as proposed by Fair Rent Portland, and a change of attitude will greatly increase a sense of community for the vibrant, local-based, artistic and historic city of Portland. Protecting renters and showing that we, as citizens can effect a change to bring stability to our rental market is vital for the city’s longevity. The initiative will slow rental increases, provide much-needed oversight, and create a voice for the 60 percent of our population that rents.

It is imperative that this referendum passes. So please vote “yes” on Question 1 on the Portland ballot.

Amy Bellezza