I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for the re-election of Jill Duson as at-large city councilor.

In every policy decision I have witnessed, Jill has demonstrated a commitment to pragmatism by gathering all the necessary information and listening to many voices before making a final decision. I haven’t agreed with Jill on everything, but I have always appreciated her approach and diplomacy, especially as other groups and candidates have engaged in more divisive and destructive tactics. Jill has kept a calm head about her and has consistently taken the high road, even when deliberately attacked.

Jill has been a mentor and a friend to me, and her thoughtful and reasoned actions this year are a reminder of why I respect her.

Jill is a true leader for her constituents, and I hope that Portland will vote to return her to the council for another term Nov. 7.

Jill Barkley