The 70’s era has inspired me, yet again!

Frankly, any era other than the one that I live in seems to set off sparks in my mind. I guess you could call me an old soul.

I would have loved to live in the era where Eleanor Roosevelt was our first lady.

Or how all the teenagers would go to malt shops after school to get the classic chocolate shake.

When the flapper girls grooved across the stages of the underground bars.

Of course, let’s not forget about the some of the greatest musicians and composers that has ever lived; Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley.

My personal favorite, Freddie Mercury.

However, you must take it with a grain of salt that these eras could arguably be perceived as some of the most devastating or scariest times. We are talking, The Great Depression, World War I and II, The Vietnam War, segregation, newly found diseases, and violence.

Despite the bad moments within these eras of time, I am in love with places and people I have never met. Experiences I’ve never had. 

Can someone invent the time machine already? 

This week, I have been obsessing over a quote from the talented Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin. If the name Led Zeppelin doesn’t ring a bell, surely the hit song “Stairway to Heaven” might.

Throughout the 70’s, Led Zeppelin was busy touring America and the European countries.

In many of their shows, lead singer Robert Plant, would often say,  “Does anybody remember laughter?”

He would say this line after the lyrics of “And the forests will echo with laughter,” in their popular song, “Stairway to Heaven.”

Plant would say this line in live concert as an inside joke between him and his bandmates. It was a way to mock the fact that trees do not laugh.

However, this line soon transformed from an inside joke to a line that was noticed by Led Zeppelin’s fan base. In fact, their fanbase would look forward to hearing this line in concert, during the song of “Stairway to Heaven.”

Most of you are aware that the 70’s era is often remembered for the time that arguably the most controversial war in history took place; The Vietnam War.

Many people were against the fact that our soldiers were fighting in Vietnam, whereas others supported it.

The United States was divided. There were riots, and protests. It was the era of the hippies. People would preach of peace, and smoke joints with their friends. It was a highly intriguing time period, that’s for sure.

It was also a very sad time for our county because our country was divided, and many lives were lost among families for their efforts to fight in the war.

In a way, it seemed as if Robert Plant’s quote shed some light to the people living in this time period, for it made them laugh. 

It’s amazing how a few simple words can have the intention of not being important, but then turn into something that inspires people. 

Thank you Robert Plant for being my inspiration this week.

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