When a person has experienced trauma in life, it never goes away.

Trauma becomes the fabric of who you are. You learn to live with it. Women are now speaking out about the trauma of sexual abuse by men viewed as powerful. People turn away and ignore it because they do not want talk about it. “Why can’t you just be happy?” they ask.

Move past these people as if they are ghosts in the night. It’s not about being happy – it’s about being prepared not only for yourself but for others, too. As you are now drawn to being a protector, you develop a voice, at times a soft one and sometimes a deafening one.

Though this new societal awareness is focused on sexual abuse and men, perhaps the time is coming where a focus will now be put on the workplace and the bullying that occurs there and the realization that it is not always men being the bullies. A revolution has begun. Finally.

Sally Holt