The Dec. 2 Press Herald lead editorial, “Our View: Republican tax bill a budgetary time bomb,” is woefully short on any specific information, facts or examples, but long on rant.

I did not vote for the president, and wouldn’t if he ran again, and the Republican tax overhaul may be a failure, but what kind of trash talk is it to say that the Republicans and the president “apparently agree that what the economy needs is for the government to borrow around $1.5 trillion over the next decade and hand it over to wealthy individuals, families and corporations”?

Does the editorial board really think that the Republicans want it to turn out that way, or is writing like that just designed to stir the emotions of people who can’t or are not interested in dealing with specifics?

How are we illuminated by the statement that “many working people pay a higher percentage of their incomes in taxes than the very rich”? Isn’t that about as significant as saying that half of all occupants injured in auto accidents were not wearing a seat belt?

Unfortunately, our country seems to be borrowing every year, but how the rough outline of the new proposed tax legislation would impact that borrowing, our rate of growth in gross domestic product (which seems to be on the upswing the last six months) or our perennial shortfall in balance of payments is too nuanced, apparently, to be dealt with in an editorial. Perhaps so, but what do we gain with just a rant?

Philip Brooks