Last week, as I drove to Portland to speak at a news conference, I passed a tall, narrow cargo van. I could imagine in my mind’s eye the van, empty inside yet heavily laden with freight strapped to the roof. Even at moderate speed, such a van would certainly topple when taking a turn.

The van is our economy, top heavy and consequently unstable. Like most things in life, managing an economy requires balance. Congress’ recently approved tax cut will add to our imbalance and instability.

In the year I was born, 1955, economist John Kenneth Galbraith published a book, still in print today, that addressed the root causes of the Great Depression. First on the list was income and wealth inequality. Two generations passed before we had unlearned the lessons of that catastrophic period. The Great Recession of recent memory retaught those truths.

Our current ruling political leaders are remarkably fast and furious un-learners.

Marcus Hutchins