It is beyond my comprehension that Gov. LePage is ignoring the need to implement rules that would allow naloxone to be available over the counter. He is supposedly concerned that addicts will have one syringe of heroin and another of naloxone ready to save themselves.

Fortunately, I do not have the need for naloxone for anyone I know, but if I did, I would want to have naloxone there to save that person’s life, instead of letting them die. The governor’s inaction is unconscionable. How many lives could have been saved during the months that the regulations have been stalled?

I have been in the health care field for many years, and if there were a way to save a life, I would save a life, without hesitation.

Drug addiction has destroyed so many citizens of this state and other states. I ask Gov. LePage: Please, let’s save lives, not end them.

Patricia M. Kelly, R.N.