Now that football is winding down, with playoffs at both the collegiate and pro levels, I can’t avoid comments about how brutal the game has gotten, right in the face of officials and sponsors. I’m not talking about a good hard tackle, often described by the opponent as a “good hit” – I’m talking about the ridiculous extent of piling on, usually after the runner is certainly down.

I played, as a lot of other readers did, but if what happened in the Falcons-Rams wild-card game Jan. 6 had happened back then, players would have been kicked out of the game and often suspended.

We went through the hockey stick problem several years ago, and the leagues cracked down hard, often fining and suspending violators. So, what has happened to football piling on at all levels, from high school to the pros?

Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Just watch the playoff games and see for yourself.

Frank Parker


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