AUBURN — On Friday, high-end furniture maker Thos. Moser and outdoor retailer L.L.Bean announced a collaboration: the creation of a limited-edition fly-tying desk. It’s handmade from American black cherry and features 20-plus dovetailed drawers.

The fly-tying desk that is the result of a collaboration between L.L. Bean and Thos. Moser sells for $12,500. Plus shipping.

How much? $12,500, plus $750 shipping, making it the most expensive item on

And how limited? Just five, and two have already sold, according to an L.L.Bean spokesman.

Mac McKeever called it a thoughtful collaboration between two iconic Maine companies.

“Our expert fishing product designers and developers worked closely with Thos. Moser’s craftspeople to develop a one-of-a-kind desk that is functionally innovative, combined with a stunning and timeless visual appeal,” he said.

Noted features in its online description: six cedar-lined drawers, Marmoleum inlay to protect from dents and a “custom spool case specially designed by our fly-tying experts for intelligent spool management.” (Marmoleum is a lineoleum flooring material made from 97% natural raw materials, according to the manufacturer’s website.)

High-end furniture maker Thos. Moser in Auburn and L.L.Bean have partnered on a limited-edition fly-tying desk. They’re making only five, and two have sold already, according to L.L.Bean.

Each desk is made in Thos. Moser’s Auburn workshop and comes with a numbered plaque and both companies’ logos.

A showroom model can be seen at L.L.Bean’s flagship store in Freeport.

A statement from Thos. Moser said that though this run is limited, the desk can be custom ordered directly from Thos. Moser as well.

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