It’s all over the media: gun violence within schools and what to do about it. Despite hearing children beg for change, many believe this is not the time for change. For those of you who believe that now is not the time, I challenge you to take a new viewpoint:

Look at it as if you are a high school student who wakes up every morning hoping to return home that evening.

Look at it as if you are a teacher who thought you would be educating young minds, not potentially sacrificing your life.

Look at it as if you are a parent who sends your children to school every day, wondering as you say “I love you” if this might be the last time.

We’re scared. I’m that high school student. My teachers are those teachers. My parents are those parents.

If you look at it through our eyes, do you still believe now is not the time? If not now, when?


We need you to vote in November for candidates who will change laws to protect us. We need to feel safe in school, and we’re looking for adults who will help us to feel this way.

After looking at this from the views of people who are impacted most, do you still believe now is not the time?

Kerrigan Stevens

New Gloucester

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