In her March 23 letter to the editor, Kathy Warner says, “Ban assault weapons.” I don’t think she understands what that term means.

The anti-gun folks think that any gun that has the ability to shoot multiple rounds is an assault weapon. She, I believe, is looking at the design and appearance of them only. I have a .22-caliber, pump-action rifle that will shoot in this manner. I have had it since I was about 15. Is it an assault rifle? No.

The “antis” would like to take that, too. If they have their way, we’ll all go back to flintlocks. Think Civil War!

AR-15s are just like any other semi-automatic gun. Pull the trigger, shoot one shot. If people want to ban something, anything, they need to know what they are talking about!

We who own them are not the bad guys.

Richard Aspinall Sr.


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