Donald Trump is becoming even more impulsive and erratic as special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation knocks at his door. It must be getting harder and harder for Trump to resist firing Mueller. And the news of further evidence of collusion, corruption and obstruction of justice continues to mount. Increasingly, this corruption and collusion are endangering all of us – Americans, our allies and everyone else on the planet.

Now, with the choice of John Bolton as the new national security adviser, it appears that Trump wants to plunge us into another war. I believe he is reckless enough to use nuclear weapons. He doesn’t listen to others and take their advice. He does what he wants to do.

The high school students are walking out, demonstrating and organizing to change our gun laws. Why aren’t all of us doing the same to demand Trump’s impeachment? The stakes could not be higher.

When is this national nightmare going to stop? Who’s going to stop it? Apparently not the Republicans. I truly believe that if it were left up to the American public, Trump would be impeached by now. I also believe the public as a whole is the better defender of our government and the world than our elected representatives.

We’re all “fiddling while Rome burns,” except this time the whole world will be part of the conflagration.

Demand impeachment – loudly, consistently and continually – before it’s too late.

Jean A. Thompson


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