As reported in this paper, roast coffee has been shown to contain a known carcinogen, acrylamide. Where are the activists who called for a ban of synthetic pesticides in Portland? To be consistent, the “organic” city of Portland should ban coffee. Coffee contains a known carcinogen, whereas synthetic pesticides have been extensively tested and found not to be carcinogenic.

Reporters and activists like to state that pesticides are “linked to” or “probably cause” cancer. I hope the readers realize that those terms mean that there is no scientific evidence that they cause cancer. I also hope that people who buy organic coffee realize that it, too, contains acrylamide. Think about the environmental effect of a coffee spill! Portland must ban it!

As a young scientist, I used to think that sanity would eventually prevail as I watched many valuable, convenient and safe materials become banned. As I aged, I realized that emotion and hysteria by activists would prevail over good science.

I will continue to spray my potato crop with synthetic pesticides to kill beetles so that I can have a good yield of high-quality potatoes. I am now drinking coffee in a plastic foam cup, not burning my hand, reading this paper and throwing the cup into my FREE plastic grocery bag-lined trash container.

Please don’t call the police. I don’t live in Portland. I live in a part of Maine where I have the freedom to make my own choice. Do not tell the activists where I live or they will try to make my life better.

James Albright, Ph.D.