In the April 1 Maine Sunday Telegram, you presented a thorough study of the costs of health insurance since the onset of the latest efforts to “repeal and replace Obamacare.”

“Repeal” is the optimal word because no one has made any effort to replace any of the existing “Obamacare” health insurance provisions with anything resembling a workable or affordable replacement. As a result, costs for what health insurance there is are spiraling out of control. What can we, the affected public, do about the ever-rising costs of health insurance right now? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Why can’t we do anything? Because there is absolutely no political will to do anything else, by anyone. There is no need to rehash the Republican stance on health insurance. We all know what it is. What we don’t know is the Democratic stance on this issue. The Democratic stance is unknown because it is obviously nonexistent.

Each side has taken a stance of cynical intransigence on the issue of affordable health insurance because each of them thinks that what they are doing works. The Democrats are gleefully engaged in a policy of “do nothing, say nothing, accomplish nothing.” The Republicans are steadfast in their ideology, oblivious to everyone and anything else. Both sides want to embarrass the other into acting, knowing that neither side will never on its own, so on and on we and they go.

What can we, the affected people do? We can go to the polls in November and un-elect every one of them! That’s what we can do. Then we can start over. Then, and only then, will we be able to do it our way!

This is just a thought.

Joanie Lavin