Out of respect for, and in honor of, the women who have come forward to share their stories about the toxic environment at Maine Media Collective (“Former Maine Magazine publisher faces sexual harassment allegations,” April 28), but are still not comfortable identifying themselves, I feel a responsibility to add my voice.

To those who were intimidated, bullied, emotionally abused, harassed, isolated and shamed, I stand with you because I, too, experienced it at the hands of former Maine Media Collective publisher Kevin Thomas and his business partner, Susan Grisanti. And, though my experience was not sexual in nature (I’m one of the older women), it left me emotionally bruised and diminished.

Chris Busby’s story in The Bollard highlights the story of one brave young woman, Jessie Lacey, but goes far beyond that to demonstrate the systemic abuse that has pervaded this organization. The fact that these young women continue to fear the fallout from coming forward illustrates how far we still have to go to address workplace harassment issues and the abuse of power. Their stories are credible, horrifying and disheartening.

There is not room in our community for organizations like this that marginalize and take advantage of their employees, and I applaud Jessie Lacey and the other women who have stood up and said, “I can’t take this anymore.” I hope others will stand up with us.

Laurie Hyndman


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