I write in enthusiastic support of Seth Levy for Cumberland County district attorney in the June 12 Democratic primary.

I have talked to Seth about his wanting to change, modernize and make more relevant to the county’s criminal justice system. He is well informed about the issues facing the system and, having practiced in the system, he has the experience to know what is so sorely needed to reform the system in all respects.

Particularly striking to me is his commitment to serving the people who struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues. Having worked in and been a part of the Kennebec County Co-Occuring Disorders and Veterans Court, where diversion is its focus, Seth knows that when people successfully complete the various diversion programs, the rates of reoffending are far lower than the traditional route of convict and incarcerate.

While Cumberland County does offer some diversion programs, we should be looking at what more can and should be done. The next Cumberland County district attorney must be a strong advocate for expanded access to the treatment and services that diversion requires.

Seth Levy understands the practical and far-reaching steps that must be taken to expand diversion programs, increase public safety and improve the outcomes of the court’s interventions. Seth’s can-do attitude, his past experience and his readiness to work with the Cumberland County community to make this happen have earned Seth Levy my vote for district attorney in the June 12 Democratic primary.

Dick Burns


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