I attended a recent candidates forum in Bath to hear eight Democratic contenders for governor. I was pleased by the strength of the field but particularly impressed with Mark Eves.

With eight years of experience in the state Legislature, Mr. Eves won’t need on-the-job training. In addition, he was twice elected speaker of the House by his peers, which speaks to his aptitude, work ethic and likability.

I enjoyed hearing Mr. Eves answers to questions posed at the forum. He’s a good communicator with a relaxed speaking style and sense of humor.

It was also clear that he cares strongly about the issues. He shared his ideas for improving Maine’s economy, not just posting an “Open for Business” placard on Interstate 95. He’ll support greater research and development investments and access to education to make Maine more competitive. He’ll promote clean energy technologies and safeguard natural resources, strengthening Maine’s environmental brand. He’ll also fight for better health care for those who can least afford it, as shown by his commitment to expand Medicaid.

Mr. Eves seems to have the best combination of proposals, appeal and experience to make an effective governor. He also seems open to ideas, willing to listen and willing to reach across the aisle for consensus when possible.

It’s time to return civility to state government and hand the reins to someone who is capable, friendly and as progressive as any of the candidates.

On June 12, we Democrats have to choose our candidate for governor, and Mr. Eves looks like the best of a good group.

Jake Plante


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