To all those missing your moms on this Mother’s Day: I think we can all agree that this is a feeling nobody could understand unless they went through it firsthand.

It’s a feeling I could never try to explain to someone who still has his or her mother. It’s a feeling I can’t put into words most of the time.

I try to avoid walking into any kind of card store, for I know one of the first things I will see is a display in front of my face reminding me that I don’t have my mom to share this day with.

It’s the emptiness you feel when you hear others talk about their Mother’s Day plans – another reminder that you don’t have your mom to spend this day with.

It’s the grief-stricken feeling you get when you are out on this day and everywhere you turn, you see people out with their mothers.

It’s a feeling no person could explain unless they, too, have to spend this day without their mom.

This is my ninth Mother’s Day without my mom. I miss my best friend and confidante – my loving mother. Happy Mother’s Day in heaven. You are loved and missed by all who knew you.

I know you didn’t want to leave us. And it breaks my heart that you couldn’t stay. But someday we will be together. Till then, keep being my guardian angel. I will love you for all eternity. I will always love you.

Amy Madge


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