The people of Maine need Democrat Adam Cote as our next governor. Our state possesses abundant natural and human resources and the capacity to attract people, enterprises and investment to propel us into the 21st century.

To achieve all this, we need proven leadership, demonstrated understanding of Maine and our potential, and a capacity to work with all types of stakeholders and constituencies, while at the same time promoting and achieving a sound vision for a modern economy, a sensible business and tax climate, a 21st-century energy and telecommunications structure, and a lasting commitment to maintaining our environment and heritage as one of the genuinely great places on earth.

Adam Cote’s service at the local and state level, his defense of our nation through three combat tours overseas, his knowledge and experience as a lawyer, business entrepreneur, manager and leader, make him the resounding choice for our next governor.

I have known and worked with Adam Cote for over 15 years. In that context, I have seen first-hand his ability to solve problems, bring different parties together to achieve a common end and be the steady hand that the situation needed.

Maine stands on the threshold of regenerating our economy and attracting and retaining the young people we need, while preserving and caring for our people and what is important to us. It is an extremely important election. Adam Cote can and will make the difference. Please vote for him in the June 12 primary.

John Gulliver


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