MILLINOCKET — Maine officials say the northern Maine state park that includes Mount Katahdin has a new director.

The Baxter State Park Authority announced on Thursday that Eben Sypitkowski has been named the new head of Baxter State Park, the home to the state’s highest peak. Sypitkowski is currently the park’s resource manager and oversees the Scientific Forest Management Area.

The state says Sypitkowski will lead about22 year-round, and 39 seasonal employees who maintain the park, which is a major tourist attraction in northern Maine.

Sypitkowski is a graduate of Bangor High School and Bates College, and earned a master’s degree in forestry from the University of Maine.  He and his wife and daughter reside in Millinocket.

Baxter State Park was created by Gov. Percival P. Baxter who donated the first parcel of land in 1931. Over the years it has grown to 209,644 acres. Baxter also created two trust funds to finance the operation and maintenance of the park without the need for state taxpayers’ money.


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