Human beings with an ounce of empathy would be outraged at the human misery unfolding at our borders. The fact that there is no collective outrage from congressional Republicans is the measure of how morally bankrupt this party has become. And the fact that Sen. Susan Collins has not issued a full-throated denunciation of this president, his administration and her party’s complicity in his travesties is the measure of how morally compromised she has become.

When will she and her party tell this president: “Enough is enough! You are debasing this country, its values and all of us who really understand the true meaning of who Americans are and what we stand for”?

These poor, unfortunate, tortured immigrants are not the problem. The problem lies with a political party whose sole reason for being is amassing and greedily holding on to power, no matter who the members must pander to in order to maintain their grip.

It is a disgrace, and there is no legislative solution that tinkers around the edges, as Sen. Collins is so prone to do, that absolves her and her party from the culpability of taking all us over the moral edge.

Paula Valente

South Portland