As a New Hampshire resident, I would like to comment on your recent article about the New England Clean Energy Connect transmission lines over Kennebec George (June 24).

You referred to the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee as an “obscure” siting board. The committee is an essential element of the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission and was established by the Legislature for the “review, approval, monitoring and enforcement of compliance in the planning, siting, construction and operation of energy facilities.” What’s so “obscure” about that?

The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee did a fair and professional job after many months of hearings and testimony by denying a permit to the poorly planned Northern Pass project, which would have left a permanent scar through the heart of New Hampshire for the benefit of Massachusetts. Eversource Energy spent $270 million purchasing land and paying off opponents to Northern Pass, an amount that would have paid for putting the entire project underground.

Avangrid-Central Maine Power says it won’t pay the extra $37 million to tunnel under the river, but they’re willing to shell out $22 million for tourism investments and probably many more millions before it’s over. The real reason Northern Pass and Avangrid won’t agree to full burial of energy projects is that they don’t want to set a precedent. If they do it for one project, everybody and their uncle will demand that future projects be put underground, and they want every cent of profit for themselves.

To the opponents of New England Clean Energy Connect: Don’t stop fighting for the few wild places left on the planet. Those of us who fought Northern Pass for 10 long years encourage you to demand they bury it or go away.

Pamela Martin

Plymouth, N.H.