By now, all of the U.S. intelligence and security agencies have confirmed that Russia interfered in and hacked America’s elections.

My first thought, after the Helsinki conference with Donald Trump praising Vladimir Putin and believing his denial of hacking America’s election, is: Where is Sen. Joe McCarthy now that we could use him?

This time the notorious senator wouldn’t have to use false and defamatory rumors to bolster his claims of pervasive Communist Party influence intended to defame and disrupt America. He could now pose his famous question – to wit: “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?” – and make the case for contempt of Congress. Some of those who took the Fifth Amendment in response to this charge were jailed.

McCarthy was eventually censured by the Senate, after hearings when he alleged Communist Party influence involving the U.S. Army. Ironically, McCarthy’s lawyer and defender was Roy Cohn, who was also Donald Trump’s lawyer for years.

Peter Bollen


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