My name is Eric Brakey, I am a two-term state senator from Androscoggin County, and I believe we need new leadership in Washington, D.C., to fight for Maine. That’s why I am running to represent all Maine people in the U.S. Senate.

According to the U.S. Census, despite producing little of tangible value, Washington, D.C., is now the richest region in America. How did this happen? We all know how. Washington, D.C., steals from the rest of us – from our paychecks with taxes, from our futures with debt and from our savings and retirements when they print new money out of thin air.

I wish I could say we got nothing from this arrangement, but the truth is we get less than nothing. We get the bill: $120 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. That’s a bill of $1 million for every Maine and American taxpayer!

To change this, we have to stop thinking in Washington, D.C.’s terms of “Republican versus Democrat.” Those labels keep us fighting each other instead of joining together as Maine people against Washington, D.C. It’s time for us all, as Maine people, to stand together and fight for Maine.

Over the last four years, I have fought for Maine people in Augusta: reforming welfare, upholding the Second Amendment, expanding medical cannabis freedom and opposing corporate welfare.

This November, I am running to take the fight for Maine to Washington, D.C. I invite all Maine people, regardless of political party, to join me in this effort with their vote.

Let’s fight for Maine – together.

Eric Brakey

Republican state senator


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