Eric Brakey is the voice Maine need in D.C. So many times, voters send politicians to the capital hoping that they stand up and fight for Maine. Instead, they get caught in the swamp. But that is not Sen. Eric Brakey.

Brakey fought for Mainers in Augusta. After being elected, Brakey stood firm on his principles.

Where many had failed, Brakey was successful in passing Constitutional Carry, giving us back our Second Amendment rights.

Brakey also reformed welfare. Maine benefits were being abused, so Brakey stood up for taxpayers and stopped corruption.

Finally, Brakey passed “Right to Try.” Now patients can seek treatment that they might not have been able to.

Brakey was sent to Augusta, and he excelled. This is the reason Brakey is the voice we need in Washington, D.C. He will fight for Maine and our liberties!

Alex Titcomb