The city of Portland issued a flood watch Sunday, warning motorists to avoid leaving their vehicles parked overnight in some of the city’s low lying areas.

“Rain plus tonight’s 11.7 foot astronomical high tide may result in some flooding in our flood prone areas like Marginal Way, Somerset Street and along the waterfront. Please don’t leave cars in these areas overnight and adhere to barricades,” the city tweeted Sunday.

Somerset Street near Whole Foods Market, Franklin Street and Marginal Way have been prone to flooding in the past. Piers and wharves along Commercial Street have also been vulnerable.

According to the National Weather Service Office in Gray, astronomical high tides will combine late Sunday evening and early Monday morning with a minor surge in ocean water levels that have the potential to reach the 12-foot flood stage in Portland.

Vulnerable areas near the coast could see some flooding near the time of high tide in Portland, which is 12:44 a.m., the weather service said.

The weather service issued a coastal flood statement on Sunday, reminding people of the potential for flooding between midnight Sunday and 5 a.m. Monday.