MIAMI — A molding, single-family eyesore with a knocked-over fence and trashy yard that embarrasses neighbors – it’s not really what you’d expect from a house associated with flashy Latino rapper Armando “Pitbull” Pérez. The self-ascribed Mr. 305 has spent much of the last decade staring down at the rest of Miami from Top 40 charts, racking in millions in record deals and frequenting South Florida’s hottest clubs. He is known for numerous investments including restaurants and at least one other residential property.

But at this Pinecrest property, you’ll find peacocks, not scantily-clad women, basking in the sun. And instead of messages from adoring fans, the front door is plastered with notices of code violations for abandoned or unkept property – specifically trash, dilapidated structures, and standing water. And no sign of Pitbull. (He’s on tour.)

County records show the property was purchased in February 2015 for $850,000 by Enpi Gao LLC, a company registered to the same address as Pitbull’s record label, Mr 305 Inc., and dozens of other companies associated with the popular rapper’s empire.

Still, Pitbull’s lawyer, Leslie Zigel, said his client denied owning the property.

Lance Kyle grew up in the house across the street. He said Pitbull never actually lived at 7474 SW 102nd St. But as the apparent owner of the group of businesses associated with the property, the rapper should be held responsible for its upkeep.

He has started a petition to get Pitbull to clean it up.

“Pitbull, look man it’s not personal. Just be a good neighbor,” said Kyle, whose 74-year-old mother still lives dilapidated property.

– From news service reports

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