This November, Maine is faced with an important gubernatorial election. Republican Shawn Moody and Democrat Janet Mills have been presented as the two options for Maine.

These two are no more than opposite sides of the same stale bread that Maine’s been given to eat for its entirety, embodying preassigned partisan platforms that don’t enthrall anyone.

James Longley and Angus King have been the only unaffiliated governors in Maine’s history. Alan Caron, while not perfect, should be Maine’s third. He offers unique solutions to these problems that work for all Mainers.

Such policy ideas include approving Medicaid expansion, a plan for two years of interest-free student loans to Maine students and streamlining Maine to renewable energy independence.

A vote for Janet Mills is a vote for establishment mediocrity, and a vote for Shawn Moody is a vote for stagnancy and wasted potential.

Noah Robidoux


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