It’s not just the high-traffic, highly visible location of Zero Canal Plaza that makes the building stand out. A unique, artistic design, the free-standing, 1,350-square-foot structure is “as much a sculpture as a building,” says developer Tim Soley.

From above, the design resembles a guitar pick. Office workers in the surrounding buildings can look out their windows, see the guitar pick shape, and enjoy the view of river stones on the roof rather than an HVAC unit or other machinery.

The design of the building is aimed to suit a restaurant or retail tenant; a business with plenty of foot traffic and appeal to the thousand workers in the other buildings in Canal Plaza. Ideally, the business would be open before and through business hours, to take advantage of the large number of nearby office workers thirsty for coffee or hungry for lunch.

With no interior structural columns, the building is ideal for creating an open and welcoming atmosphere. The transparent glass helps brighten the area, as light will spill out from the building, making it especially appealing during the darker winter months in Portland.

Developed as part of the overall revitalization of the Canal Plaza area, Zero Canal Plaza can play a starring role in making Canal Plaza a more inviting, vibrant place for downtown workers and visitors.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          – By Jamie Carter-Logan, Special to Maine Commercial Real Estate


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