I don’t understand what is going on at the border. But, then again, I’m an old fart. Grew up working, paid my dues and met my retirement needs the old-fashioned way. I paid into Social Security and Medicare and saved so I could do more than subsist.

That said, we have a group of destitute people who have chosen to walk thousands of miles to secure a better future for their children and their children’s children, much as my grandparents did. But instead of welcoming them at Ellis Island, we are sending troops. As I understand it, there could be 15,000 service members – four or more for every one of the walking needy.

In this state, we (at least I) would welcome thousands of people and their children seeking to work and make a better life and leave behind the life of oppression and uncertainty.

We are an old group here, and adding about 1 percent to our population, especially folks who want to work and better themselves, is a good thing. We as a state should volunteer to have them settle here, especially if they come with four or more of our military to help them settle in. Think of the revenue simply from supplying these forces!

But honestly, I’d settle for the people and the money that we are spending to bring our military to Texas to stand around while they are processed (which I’m not sure will be accelerated in the least).

Jim Fitch

New Gloucester

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