I want to thank Tony Barclay and Stephanie Smith for their well-written Maine Voices column, “Town of Scarborough to Verizon: Can you hear us now?” (Oct. 29, Page A4).

As a longtime customer of Verizon, I feel that I should also have a voice in deciding whether a cellphone tower is placed adjacent to such a treasure. I am a frequent visitor to Scarborough Marsh, to photograph its many wonders, to bicycle and to walk. Every time I go, I marvel at its beauty.

Many times I have brought visitors from “away,” and they are equally captivated. As a teacher, I often brought my classes there to explore and learn about marsh life.

In claiming (in the words of Barclay and Smith) that it “wants to build this tower in our marsh to support the needs of its customers,” to Verizon, I say: Not this customer. If you are a Verizon customer and have visited and understand the value of the marsh, write to them and let them hear your concerns. This is not OK.

Linda Rogoff


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