Given that the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas just wrapped up, the topic of privacy protection in technology is an important one.

Looking at the coverage of the show, major technology players like Apple have tried ads promoting the reliability of privacy on their devices, while others have touted their own advancements in consumer privacy protection and ethical practices on the show floor. It appears that everyone seeks to put the days of data breaches and failing protection behind us, but an increased focus on it doesn’t mean it’s been done away with.

Even in Maine, we’re affected by these kinds of issues. With the need for connection in order to run businesses and communicate with others, we rely on technology’s ability to protect our interests and privacy to function in today’s world.

All of this raises the question of whether or not the more advanced technology and connectivity, may it be within a device or the latest in software, apps and social media, are still worth the consequences of a lack of privacy.

Sarah Penney