If everyone affected by President Trump’s shutdown (remember, he said he was “proud” to own it) would send copies of the bills they can’t pay to the president, then maybe he’d see the impact this travesty is having on John and Jane Q. Public.

To all of you who won’t be getting paid because of the president’s shutdown: Please remember your pain when you vote for president in 2020!

His base is only about 35 percent of this country. It’s about time the other 65 percent of us take back the country we were born into and love. A country where people can grow and succeed with hard work. A country with flaws that we try to overcome every day. A country with allies who can count on us to back and help them when needed. A country that truly believes in the words enshrined on the Statue of Liberty.

We don’t need to be great again. We need to be trusted and respected again.

Steven C. Pomelow


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