For several years, I have felt our nation become increasingly divided. Many political issues are driving a wedge between families, friends, neighbors and communities, but societal issues are creating a deeper rift in our country. When people ask why I march, I march for unity.

Coping with a divided country, I find faith in the spirit of those who join women, children, immigrants, refugees, LBGTQ, indigenous, Latino, African American, the impoverished and every other marginalized person. I encourage voicing concerns and celebrate raising our voices.

As I reflect on the myriad reasons why a march is necessary, I find that it is the desire for unity that drives me forward. I march for the future. I have always believed that human dignity and human rights are paramount. Without respect and love, the human experience is minimalized.

I strongly believe that all people deserve respect and should be treated with dignity. Seeing the humanity in all people is imperative to our happiness as a nation. The United States represents myriad ethnic, socioeconomic and familial experiences. These people must be embraced, not just tolerated. These people must be celebrated, not just accepted.

By joining together and marching, we promote the ideals of a healthy and happy society. By raising our voices in unison, we proclaim that loving our neighbors is what will heal our country. So, I invite you to join the Portland Women’s March on Saturday as we look to a brighter future.

Carol Durkin


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