Your recent article “Sea-level rise hurting Maine real estate values” (Jan. 22) spoke about the financial cost of sea-level rise to coastal communities but mentioned the cause only in passing.

Global warming is accelerating sea-level rise, with disastrous implications for coastal communities. I live in Biddeford, one of the cities hardest hit by sea-level rise, and a very up-and-coming city as well. Carbon emissions are linked to warming temperatures and the melting of glaciers, which caused sea levels to rise approximately 5 to 8 inches in the last century. Tidal flooding and storm surges will only get worse if we do not curb our carbon emissions, both here in Maine and globally.

Our state is seeing some of the worst impacts of sea-level rise, so we need to be leaders in the fight against global warming. Inaction will not only lead to increased financial burdens, but also cause millions of people to lose their homes and change Maine’s iconic coastal communities forever.

Carissa Maurin


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